Broken Blood Vessels

Laser Treatment for Spider Veins

VBeam Laser

The “Gold Standard” for safe and effective laser treatment of “spider veins” on the face is the VBeam Perfecta Laser. The doctors at Arizona Advanced Dermatology have used this type of laser for over 20 years.

This procedure works best for small red blood vessels on the face. The treatment only takes minutes. The feel of the laser is often compared to a slight “rubber band snap”. After the treatment the area is red for a few hours. Sometimes the doctor may adjust the settings for a more effective outcome. Certain settings may leave some “bruising” in the area for a few days.

The risks of any type of scarring are extremely low. The success rate is great.

VariLite Laser

The VariLite is a vascular laser that works particularly well for slightly larger red or blue dilated blood vessels on the face. The treatments are quick and not too uncomfortable. This laser feels like a quick, warm, slight pinprick. Right after the treatment there might be a little redness which fades within the hour. The risks of any type of scarring are extremely low. The success rate is great.

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